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The Kraken TV app stands as a streaming service, offering you the opportunity to enjoy TV shows, movies, and sporting right on your phone.
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If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional method to enjoy live TV on your Android device, consider giving Kraken TV a try. This remarkable app offers an extensive selection of live TV channels from around the globe, and the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime. With its user-friendly interface, straightforward navigation, and impeccable streaming quality, Kraken TV makes for an outstanding choice.But that’s not all – Kraken TV APK goes the extra mile by allowing you to record live TV broadcasts, so you can catch up on your favorite shows at your convenience. And if you prefer the big screen experience, you can easily cast your content to your TV using Chromecast. All in all, Kraken TV stands as a top-notch option for anyone in search of a reliable live TV app for Android.

Kraken TV APK

Kraken TV stands out as an incredibly versatile online streaming TV application, offering an extensive library of content for its users. This platform excels in providing easy access to a wide range of local, national, and international channels. Its optimization ensures the availability of numerous live channels from almost every corner of the globe, including Indian TV, Pakistan TV, Bangladesh TV, UK TV, USA TV, Punjabi TV, Nepal TV, Canada TV, Kids TV, Spanish channels, and many more. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible and user-friendly for individuals across the world.

Kraken TV is dedicated to catering to the entertainment preferences of a global audience, striving to offer content from various countries and genres. Recent updates have brought in exciting enhancements, such as well-defined categories and sections, encompassing TV channels, sports, entertainment, movies, culture, and videos. With its vast collection, it covers nearly every facet of entertainment, effectively meeting the needs and desires of its users.

This application serves as the ultimate solution for streaming and accessing the latest trending live TV channels. Its diverse channel selection simplifies the process of finding and adding your favorite channels to a personalized list. This feature ensures that you can effortlessly access your preferred movies and programs with just a click, making for a seamless viewing experience.

Features Of  Kraken TV APK

Kraken TV boasts a range of exceptional features that contribute to a stable and enriched user experience, delivering high-quality content. Here are some of its notable characteristics:

Bookmark and Personal Library

Kraken TV allows users to bookmark their favorite channels and add them to a personal library. Moreover, they can create shortcuts to these channels, conveniently placing them on their mobile screens for quick access. This eliminates the need to scour through long lists of channels, saving users valuable time.

Layout Excellence

The app is renowned for its well-crafted design and seamless user interfaces. The layout facilitates user interaction and smooth navigation through the extensive content available on the home page. Users can also employ a search bar on the home page to locate specific channels by title, enhancing user convenience.

Abundant Channels

Kraken TV serves as a one-stop hub for numerous live channels. Users can explore an extensive selection of channels within the application, all without any limitations or restrictions. Every channel provided here is fully functional, requiring only a stable and fast internet connection for uninterrupted streaming.

Diverse Content

This application offers a vast and diverse array of content, covering sports, entertainment, religion, science, culture, history, and much more. Whether your interests lie in any of these areas, Kraken TV ensures that you’ll find captivating content in a peaceful and gratifying setting.


Kraken TV keeps users informed with timely notifications about trending shows, live event schedules, new movies, the latest episodes, and more. This feature is invaluable for ensuring users can catch their favorite programs live, without the risk of missing out.

High-Quality Content

Quality is paramount in Kraken TV. All available content, be it movies, sports, daily soaps, or events, is presented in high-definition quality. The visuals are crisp, sound effects are immersive, and colors are vibrant. Moreover, the app takes measures to prevent unnecessary third-party ads from disrupting the viewing experience, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.

How to Download and Install Kraken TV APK

Here’s a quick guide on how to download and install the Kraken TV app:

Visit the Provided Link

Start by clicking on the link provided below to access the Kraken TV app download.

Download the App

Once on the download page, download the Kraken TV app to your smartphone.

Install the App

After the download is complete, select the app file and tap “Install” to begin the installation process.

Launch the App

Once the installation is finished, open the Kraken TV app.

Sign In

Sign in to the app using your Kraken TV credentials.

That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on your mobile device using the Kraken TV app. Happy streaming!


Q: How does ensure the Kraken TV App’s 100% security?

A: At, we maintain the utmost security standards. When users seek to download an APK file from our platform, we cross-reference it with the corresponding APK file on Google Play. If it’s available on Google Play, we allow direct downloads, often storing copies on our server for efficiency. Only when an APK is absent on Google Play does it exist solely in our cache.

Q: Can I update an APK downloaded from through the Play Store?

A: Absolutely! When you download an app from the Play Store, it utilizes Google’s servers for installations. The process of downloading and installing from services like remains consistent with Play Store functionality. Therefore, once you download a new version of an app, updates will occur seamlessly through the Play Store.

Q: Why does the Kraken TV Apk request Android App Permission?

A: Android apps require permissions to access specific device functions and systems. When you install an app, you’ll receive a notification detailing the permissions it necessitates. These permissions are essential for the app to function as intended and interact with various device components.


This comprehensive review should have addressed all your inquiries regarding the Kraken TV APK. Now, you can proceed to download this fantastic application for both Android and PC platforms and relish its offerings. Apkresult serves as a secure and trusted source for downloading APK files, encompassing a vast array of apps across various genres and categories.

Should you encounter any discrepancies or wish to share your feedback, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment in the designated section or by reaching out to us via the official email address provided in the “Contact Us” section. The Kraken TV APK is categorized under “Entertainment” and has been developed by KrakenTV’s. On our website, it boasts an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. However, on different rating platforms, it has received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

We encourage you to contribute your own thoughts and experiences with the Kraken TV APK on our website, as your feedback can offer valuable insights to other users considering the application. If you seek more in-depth information about the Kraken TV APK, you can visit the official developer’s website for additional details. The current average rating is the result of assessments by 9,455 users, with 43 users awarding it a 1-star rating and 5,210 users granting it a 5-star rating. While the app has garnered numerous downloads, the exact figure may vary. To download the Kraken TV APK, your Android device should run version 5.0 or higher, ensuring compatibility.


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